EXIFTOOL - Getting data from RAW (CR2) File to JPG (Ubuntu/Linux)

If you want to get data (in JPG) from your RAW file in Ubuntu/Linux, do next:

1) Install exiftool in your Linux system:

sudo apt install exiftool

2) not necessary step: view your RAW file data:

exiftool -s2 -all -b -X -fXMP:XMP foto.cr2

3) not necessary step: near the bottom, it will shows:

Composite:PreviewImage='(Binary data 1706501 bytes, use -b option to extract)'
Composite:ThumbnailImage='(Binary data 17031 bytes, use -b option to extract)'

enter image description here

4) Use the "-b" option to extract either or both:

exiftool -Composite:PreviewImage -b foto.cr2 >preview.jpg
exiftool -Composite:ThumbnailImage -b foto.cr2 >thumb.jpg

5) To extract data from all files in the folder, do next:

for i in *.CR2; do exiftool -Composite:PreviewImage -b $i > $i.jpg; done

6) Done. We did execute all JPG data from RAW files: enter image description here