Awfull hosting (Arvixe.com) for GenMe.net project.

Hi there! Over 3 months already I have one big problem with my Arvixe hosting. Here it is (!): GenMe.net project have been hacked

First 2 years my hoster (Arvixe) were great! They have had a great Russian support with strong server skills. But a year ago all were changed...

First of all they have been change all hosting servers (changed place location and hardware). In that time that they have loss all clients passwords... and told us to change it. But that didn`t help...

So, that is the reason.

Nowadays they have no Russian support, can`t back my data, after my messages to the CEO and to all support team by LinkedIN they have blocked GenMe.net accounts ... ... ... etc etc etc... ... ...

F*ck them all! I need only my domain name now (GanMe.net) to change my registrar. Will try to get it back.

See you soon.